Posted: March 11, 2008

InterDojo® & Calasanz TV™

Calasanz has spent over 30 years developing and perfecting his martial arts and fitness training system. THE CALASANZ SYSTEM™ has helped countless men, women and children enjoy the benefits of martial arts training while getting fit. Until, recently, THE CALASANZ SYSTEM™ was only available to those who lived near his main headquarters in Norwalk, Connecticut, or one of Calasanz satellite schools in neighboring towns. Now through the Internet technology, THE CALASANZ SYSTEM™ is available to you online.

Whether you’re an experienced martial artist looking to improve your skills, a beginner or fitness enthusiast, CALASANZ INTERDOJO® is full of educational resources including videos of unique exercises to enhance your physique and improve your fighting skills. CALASANZ INTERDOJO® also includes live self-defense seminars and inspirational Calasanz hardcore training sessions, and live broadcasts of boxing and kickboxing events. If you are currently a Calasanz student, CALASANZ INTERDOJO® is a great way to keep up with your training at home or for those times when you can’t get to the dojo!

Calasanz TV

The website,, offers both free and paid subscription options. Your free subscription gives you 24 hour access to CALASANZ TV™, a martial arts & fitness broadcast TV channel as well as email alerts of live events. You will enjoy a lineup of selected Calasanz Archive Videos, previously taped Calasanz classes, movies and LIVE special events! All available to you for FREE!

Media Vault

For the cost of $8.33 per month, a paid subscription provides you with access to 100s of videos, pictures, audio files, e-books, and articles about THE CALASANZ SYSTEM™ a training system that includes workouts and instruction in various styles of martial arts, exercise, weight training and much, much more!! Your paid subscription also entitles you to access to CALASANZ FORMULA VIDEOS™ – the complete CALASANZ SYSTEM™ demonstrated by Calasanz himself. These educational videos include physical conditioning, drills, floor exercises, ballet bar exercises, aerobic exercises, and much more.

CALASANZ INTERDOJO® is updated regularly with fresh material, so you can be continuously inspired! Go to and get started today!


Posted: July 17, 2006

Calasanz Thanks His Students for Their Continued Support Since 1980

Please take a few minutes to view our slideshow collected over the years of Calasanz and His Students ... you may find yourself among these photos. Just click the image below.

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