Adult Memberships

Standard adult program includes two group classes and one workout class. A one year special membership offer includes four introductory sessions with a Level 1 personal trainer. [more]

Special membership with flexible schedule includes three group classes. A Special Offer for a one year commitment, includes three months scheduling two classes with a Level 1 & 2 personal trainer, all directed by Calasanz. The remaining nine months you spend in a special group program. [more]

Calasanz exclusive private training membership includes packages of 24, 36, 48, 72, 84, and 96 hours of one and one personal training. Depending of the package you sign for you can save up to 30%. [more]

Youth Memberships

Calasanz standard children’s program includes 2 group classes a week. [more]

This is Calasanz Young Athletes Program, designed to enhance a young person’s athletic ability by building strength, flexibility and endurance. Membership in Kodomo Group entitles you to 2 classes per week.

Exclusive private training sessions for Young Athletes are priced & scheduled by the hour. [more]