We have assembled a collection of archival footage showing students and trainers working out with Calasanz during our earlier years. We apologize for the quality of the video and sound, but we are sure you will appreciate the artistry displayed here.

Exercise Compilation

Fighting Compilation

Kids Compilation

Practice Drilling Compilation

Special Needs Compilation

If you’ve spent many years with personal fitness trainers or in martial arts classes, and still feel uncoordinated or unable to defend yourself … check out Calasanz. It won’t take you one, two or three years to get results. You’ll see incredible results in two or three months!

Many of the Calasanz students seen in these video clips have been training for only two months. Some of them cannot even understand themselves how far they’ve come in such a short period.

Okinawa Goju-Ryu Karate With Calasanz Unique Approach To Basics Katas

Marcus & George

Marcus & Jason

Marcus & Jason

Marcus & Jason

Eric & George

Jorge & Eric

Calasanz System Of Kickboxing


Calasanz System Combined

Dave Papa


Calasanz's Boxing System

Peter Valis

Tom Agostos


Calasanz's Intensive Training

Get Strong, Fit & Flexible in Just Two Months (Regardless of How Inflexible or Tight You are Now)

H. Harden, a Greenwich resident and a Marine on the reserve, he has been training for three months.

Wes Tritschler, who is a Westport resident, is learning recreational boxing and has been training for just two months.

Calasanz Cardio Kickboxing

Amy Lestch Leading the Class

Donna Kliver

Calasanz Fighting Drill

Marcus & Paul

Calasanz Practical Boxing (Coaching)

Tom Agostos

Videography by Kersten Schriel
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