Posted: May 18, 2006

Calasanz Physical Arts Locations Now Open in Wilton, Ridgefield & Stamford; Broad River Opening Soon

Calasanz Physical Arts, well known for its sophisticated martial arts training, has just launched two new locations in Stamford and Ridgefield in addition to the existing Norwalk Center and Wilton Studio. Furthermore, a new studio in the Broad River section of Norwalk is scheduled to open in June to serve New Canaan residents.

Calasanz Physical Arts of Wilton opened in August 2005 along Route 7 at 23 Danbury Road. The studio headed by Jeff Prescott, a Calasanz Certified Instructor, is devoted primarily for 1-on-1 personal training and small group lessons. Featured adult classes include Cardio Kickboxing, Wing Chun Kung Fu, Aerobic Isometrics and Calasanz’s own brand of Boxing. Children’s group lessons are also available. Contact the Wilton Studio at 203-761-0055 for more information.

1-on-1 Personal Training in Danbury and Wilton

1-on-1 Personal Training Studio
at 23 Danbury Road in Wilton.

Located at 47 West Main Street is the new Calasanz Physical Arts of Stamford. The center is owned and managed by Calasanz Certified Instructor, Sifu Peter Valis. The spacious location features areas for group lessons and an official-size ring for sparring.  Classes include the Calasanz System, Tai Chi, Yoga, Pilates and Traditional Ving Tsun as well as kids classes after school. Contact the Stamford Center at 203-977-7791 for more information.

Martial Arts Center in Stamford, CT

Stamford Center at 47 West Main Street.

Calasanz Physical Arts of Ridgefield on Route 7 opened its doors in April at 139 Ethan Allen Highway. The center, own and managed by Mario Contacessi, a Calasanz Certified Instructor, focuses on small group lessons and 1-on-1 personal training. Contact the Ridgefield Center at 203-544-7055 for more information on classes and schedule.

Martial Arts Center in Ridgefield Center

Ridgefield Center at 139 Ethan Allen Highway.

Slated to open in June, Calasanz of Broad River located at 99 New Canaan Avenue in Norwalk is a small studio devoted to small group lessons and 1-on-1 personal training. You may contact Calasanz Physical Arts in Norwalk at 203-847-6528 for more information.

Posted: February 13, 2006

Calasanz Presents:

Blauer Tactical System's
Personal Defense Readiness™

What is your Personal Defense Readiness?

Learn new ways to enhance your life and get the edge you need to manage conflict in the real world.

  • Increase your confidence and improve your conflict management skills.
  • Understand FEAR and learn how to break out of the fear loop.
  • Learn that we are attacked emotionally, psychologically then physically, and gain tools for each of those Dimensions. PDR™ presents cutting edge materials on personal development and safety, developed over the last two decades by world-renowned expert Tony Blauer -
  • Certified PDR™ Coach Scott Boyce will present this course.
  • The course also includes evolutions in: stress management, 3 dimensional self-defense, detect and de-fuse skills, S.P.E.A.R. System™ basics, and scenario development to enhance your safety.  
  • The PDR™ session is open to: teen/adult students, parents/spouses, nurses, flight attendants approved guests & Law Enforcement Officers (PDR is a personal safety & protection course, not a certified LEO course. For those interested in certified DT courses, contact Blauer Tactical systems -
  • Your seminar tuition includes: juice, snacks, lunch, and five hours of the best personal safety information available, delivered by the area’s top professionals. The first hour, Calasanz will conduct “Bridging the Gap” a demonstration in Wing Chun with Rodney and Mario.

Saturday February 25th 11:00am - 5:30pm
Calasanz’s Karate, Kung Fu, Kickboxing & Physical Arts
507 Westport Ave., Norwalk, CT


"The SPEAR System utilizes instinctive motion to effect a combative change in both participants. Its effectiveness is grounded in basic physiology and as a result, although initially apparently simple, it is fundamentally as complex as the system it is designed to protect, humans.” Robert Smith, M.D. Direct Action Medical Network

“Recently I have been introduced to the Blauer organization by sheer chance. I have for the last few months ordered and digested videos and materials offered by Blauer Tactical Systems. The wealth of information and sheer honesty towards practical self defense was like a breath of fresh air.” Dong Lee


Calasanz students/instructors & LEOs

$60 - Bring a friend - 2 for $100

Non-Calasanz members

$70 - Bring a friend - 2 for $120

Space is Limited to the first 20 Registered
You must Register by contacting either of the below
Phone: 203.470.3807