Updated: August 1, 2005
Posted: July 22, 2005

Now Open in Wilton:


Calasanz Physical Arts, well known for its sophisticated martial arts training, has just opened a satellite school in Wilton which is devoted primarily for 1-on-1 personal training. Calasanz, a native of the Dominican Republic a physical arts and martial art master, came to the United States in 1979 to pursue his dream of creating a career in the martial arts, becoming a performer and making a feature movie all of which have been done. He has devoted his life to developing a unique system of physical fitness and martial arts training known as the Calasanz System. His unprecedented approach has made him Connecticut’s leader in his field as well as the head of one of the largest schools in the country. In a business where most schools struggle to survive, Calasanz Physical Arts has not only sustained itself but has grown significantly over the last 25 years.

Newly opened 1-on-1 Personal Training Studio at 23 Danbury Road in Wilton.

Calasanz has a unique belief on the martial arts, and the beauty of it is, your body is the most important technique at the beginning of your training. Anyone can be a fighter, but not everyone can have a well balanced physical body. Being balanced at all times, grounded, flexible, and strong, are very important points of his system. 

The reason for his popularity and success is that the Calasanz System appeals to mature adults. Most adults are familiar with America’s standard karate school where students wear white uniforms and with bare feet, follow an instructor who takes them through a series of kicks and punches. Many adult learners are not interested in this regimented form of training and find its one-size fits all approach does not meet their needs. They want to get fit and feel good. They want no-nonsense self-defense. They want to learn how to react quickly and effectively if confronted with a life-threatening situation. They don’t want to waste time learning countless impractical techniques or earning belts and stripes. They don’t want to earn medals and trophies. Calasanz success is linked to the creation of a system that meets the needs of adult men and women alike.

Some of you have tried multiple gyms in order to get the results you want. In this system, you will probably experience at least 90% of the exercises and techniques needed to look good, and feel good.

The first step to Calasanz unique approach is body conditioning, with a series of exercises designed to build strength, flexibility, endurance and coordination. Once the student builds a foundation of physical fitness, the next phase is learning basic martial art techniques. The system is simple enough that anyone has taken one to three classes will already be doing basic kickboxing drills, hitting the bags or coached with the mitts, all of which can give anyone the workout and sweat they are looking for, also at the same time, the system can be very complex. No fancy, complicated moves, just simple movements with an emphasis on self-defense. Students may then choose to specialize in a variety of martial arts disciplines. Calasanz offers Karate, Kickboxing, Wing Chun Kung Fu, American Boxing, and Aerobic Isolation as well as the Calasanz System, which is a combination of those styles. You will never get bored while practicing the system, it is just a matter of wanting to stay in shape and a desire to continue learning new exercises and techniques.

(Left to right) Lou Petrillo, Jeff Prescott, Amy Letsch, Chris Schrade, and Alexander Nechaev

Students progress at their own rate and are taught by qualified instructors. Students may choose a recreational approach to martial arts training for the purpose of getting fit and learning self-defense or a more competitive program that includes friendly boxing or sparring matches. An individualized program is created for students depending on their goals and fitness levels. Regardless of the program chosen, Calasanz and his instructors create a safe, injury-free training environment. Our view is to teach you real physical arts and martial arts around your life, which means balance, endurance, grounding, etc. all of which are very important in this system.

Calasanz plans to offer the same curriculum taught at his headquarters on Westport Avenue in Norwalk to his Wilton students. Jeff Prescott, who has been training with Calasanz for over eight years, will serve as manager and head instructor of the Wilton satellite. Mr. Prescott has managed the Norwalk school for three years and looks forward to serving the Wilton community. He will be assisted by a number of qualified trainers, Lou Petrillo, Chris Shreades, Amy Letsch and Alexander (Sacha). Each instructor embraces Calasanz philosophy and will tailor the exercises and techniques to each student’s specific needs.

The Grand Opening of the Wilton satellite was held on August 1st. Although the Wilton Satellite is primarily based on 1-on-1 Personal Training, the school will offer adult group classes as well as classes for children and young adults. The main purpose of the Wilton Satellite is to teach primarily Private (Rinkiohen) and special (Okugi) programs, which give the student a better and faster understanding of the Calasanz system, it allows us to make sure that everyone stays challenged at all times. Come by and visit us at our grand opening.

Updated: March 31, 2005
Posted: March 9, 2005

Calasanz and the U.S. Marines Team Up!

Calasanz has joined forces with former U.S. Marine and world record holder Alan Sharkany, Jr. Calasanz and Sharkany have combined their unique experiences and strengths to help motivated individuals prepare to face the rigors of USMC recruitment training.

If you’re ready to take your personal fitness regimen to a higher level, call to schedule an appointment with Calasanz or Mr. Sharkany at 203-847-6528.

Calasanz and Sharkany team up for another world record! Although silent on the methods – Sharkany believes the additional dynamic Calasanz is adding to his already intense regimen will greatly increase his numbers for his next 24-hour pull-up event.

More than 2,101 Pull-ups in 24-hours
to set a new world record!

Former U.S. Marine Alan Sharkany

To set the world record

April 30 – May 1, 2005

10am Saturday to 10am Sunday

Easter Seals of Connecticut

U.S. Marines Corp Color Guard


Karate, Kung-Fu, Kickboxing and Physical Arts
507 Westport Avenue in Norwalk

The Marines Can Be Proud To Call
Alan Sharkany One of Their Own!

In an effort to raise much-needed funds for Easter Seals of Connecticut and to raise awareness for the United States Marine Corp, Alan Sharkany’s goal is to beat 2,101 pull-ups in a 24-hour period this April. This remarkable, record-setting event will capture the eyes of hundreds of thousands worldwide as coverage crossed all lines of media, including the Associated Press, Fox News 61-WTIC-TV, the WB20, Cablevision News 12, The Connecticut Post, The New Haven Register, WPLR-FM, WEBE-FM and more.

While pursuing world records and a seat on the Presidential Council of Fitness in June 2004, Alan Sharkany, Jr. appeared destined for his future as a U.S. Marine and world record holder from the time he was a child. Alan’s mother has a photo of him at age 2 in a television frame holding a TV Guide with a Marine on the cover. 4 years later, 6-year-old Alan sneaked out of his bedroom to enter the den to watch Jack LaLanne’s program.

In 4th grade, Alan completed 75 push-ups in gym class, more than doubling any other student’s attempts. By 5th grade, Alan demonstrated for an oral book report 5 types of push-ups – 3 of which adults in shape most often cannot complete. These 3 include: the military push-up, the one-handed push-up, and the clap behind the back.

 When he was 14 and 15-years-old, Alan worked as a deckhand on oyster and clam boats for Bloom Brothers in Norwalk. These were grueling summer days; his first day was 13 and 1/2 hours long. That first summer, he went from 122 pounds to 138 pounds. The work ethic he learned and the demanding physical nature required of the job fully prepared him for his next challenge.

 Parris Island, South Carolina, USMC Boot Camp – where Alan earned the coveted Dress Blues Award – completed additional training at an infantry combat school, then joined a Marine Corps Security Team, followed by a tour in an infantry unit. Alan then landed a position as a Colonel’s driver while earning a spot on the USMC Rugby Team where during one weekend, Alan played in all 4 matches in one day!