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Martial Arts Drama, Dominican Republic, 1979

Calasanz's Super Break, New York, 1985

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Fight Nights, Norwalk, CT, 1990

The Calasanz Show, Cable Television, 1996

Martial Arts & Fitness Show, Norwalk, CT Dojo, 2000

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Calasanz Physical Arts: A Lifetime of Lessons and the Philosophy Behind the System [PDF download]

An Excerpt from A Lifetime of Lessons and the Philosophy Behind the System: Wing Chun

Kids Discover the Ancient Wisdom of Martial Arts 1, 2

Balance, Beauty, Grace & Power 1, 2

A Professional Actor Learns Another Artform 1, 2, 3

The Synergy of East Meets West 1, 2

Women's Fitness & Self-Defense 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6

Kickboxing & Physical Artistry for All Shapes & Sizes 1, 2

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Teaching Martial Arts or Self-Esteem?

Choosing the Practical Path

The Teacher's Path: Experiences of a Martial Art Instructor

Calasanz Modern Approach to the Art of Wing Chun

Calasanz on Karate

Calasanz on Karate – Training Students From Other Systems: An Instructor's Perspective

Calasanz on the Physical Arts – Making Fitness Part of Your Life

The Benefits of Martial Arts Training: A Health Practitioner's Perspective

Working Out & Eating Healthy – A Winning Combination

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Bruce Lee's Fighting Method: Basic Training Vol. 2 1, 2, 3

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From the Editor's Desk: Single Blow and Street Survivor: Martial Art Courses for the Real World

From the Editor's Desk: Honoring Yourself: Women and Self Defense

From the Editor's Desk: Developing Body, Mind and Spirit with Calasanz Physical Arts

From the Editor's Desk: Fight With Courage

From the Editor's Desk: Back to School Means Back to the Dojo for Many Kids

From the Editor's Desk

The New Calasanz Website Dedicated To Physical & Intellectual Development & Wellness


Norwalk Citizen-News – July 11, 2003 (PDF)

Grace – November 11, 2002 1, 2