School is open for 24 hours. Private Training Available from 4 am to 11 pm
Speak to management for details and for the complete group class schedule.
All classes, times, instructors and dates are subject to change.
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Special Group Classes at Norwalk Headquarters


Ladies Workout

9am – Dina

Muay Thai, Street Fighting, Self-Defense

7pm – Dave


Special Introductory Class for “First Time” and New Students Only

6pm – Calasanz

Bootcamp (Pre-Sign Up)

7pm – Stephanie


Ladies Workout

9am – Dina

Kickboxing, Boxing, Conditioning,
The Calasanz System

7pm – Stephanie

Special Introductory Class for “First Time” and New Students Only

8pm – Calasanz


“Back to the Roots”
Traditional Calasanz System

6pm – Marcus Download Flyer

Muay Thai, Street Fighting, Self-Defense

7pm – Dave


Special Introductory Class for “First Time” and New Students Only

6pm – Calasanz


The Complete Calasanz System

10am – Supervised by Calasanz

The Calasanz System for Kids (4-7 years)

10am – Supervised by Calasanz

Young Athletes Program for Kids (11 and up)

11am – Susan


Wing Chun Kung Fu

12pm – Mario

Most of these classes are scheduled privately.
Please contact us at 203-847-6528 for more details.

Advance Wing-Chun

Basic Katas & Weapons

Basic Kickboxing One

Basic Traditional Katas
& Exercises

Basic Weapons

It will be taught traditionally, meaning learning at least 20 differents excersices before starting any source of forms or katas.

Calasanz’s General Self-Defense Techniques

Calasanz’s General System
of Ninjutsu

This class includes any techniques under the Calasanz system which is part of the Martial Artist as the Way of Life. This class is great for Young Athletes.

Calasanz’s System of Boxing & American Boxing

Competitive & Self-Defense.

Chinese Boxing

Chinese Boxing:
Coaching & Drills

Chinese Boxing, Wing-Chun Kung-Fu, Aerobic Isometric & Isolation


Kickboxing: Coaching, Dropping Back &
Counter Attack

Kickboxing: Heavy Drills
& Kickboxing

Free Sparring.


A complete meditation that applies to the spiritual, mental and physical states of well-being.

Shadow Boxing & Kickboxing

Street Survivor

A method of self-defense based on the Calasanz System which includes wrist locks, break falling, rolling, basic ground fighting techniques and street survival skills.

Special Kickboxing Class

Heavy striking on the pads and bags.

Submission: Maneuvering on the Ground, Including Subduing & Striking

Ideal for Law Enforcement Professionals.

Spinning Kicks, Back Fist, Drills, Etc.

Sweeps, Jumping, Prearranged Fights

Ippon, nihon, sanbon, gohon kumite.

Tai-Chi Wing-Chun

Techniques In Aerobic Isometric & Isolation, Jumping Jacks, Kickboxing, Boxing & Shadow Kickboxing

Traditional Wing-Chun

Wing-Chun Ground Fighting