Posted: Autumn 2001

Welcome to the new Calasanz Martial Arts & Fitness Website and News Magazine!

Inspired by the phenomenal achievements in developing physical and inner strength, fortitude, balance and grace by the spectrum of men, women and children who have trained in Calasanz’s dojo (perhaps the largest and most fully equipped martial arts center in the country), we now reach out internationally through the worldwide web.

The site’s core content stems from the Calasanz System – a unique physical development methodology – combining traditional martial arts techniques with dance, movement, aerobics and isometrics. This is more than a physical workout; the Calasanz System is an artform, and to many, a way of life. It is also an open door to shared knowledge. And in that respect, both the Calasanz dojo and the website provide a space and a forum for new ideas and new ways to inspire the mind, strengthen the body and nourish the spirit. Therefore, we invite you to share your knowledge and experience with us.

I believe you will sense from exploring our website and someday visiting the Calasanz Dojo (an inspiring space which honors eastern architectural design and ancient wisdom ... and houses training equipment and workout stations along with a media room, library, bookstore, and a tea and nectar cafe) that we strive to transcend that which has come before.

We hope you will vist often ... discover something new, something valuable ... and share it with others.