Hi Renee,

I wanted to send you an email to say thanks so much-I had an awesome time in your class!!  I really feel like I learned a lot and could (possibly) defend myself if I had to.  You are a great instructor, I never felt like the "coordination-challenged" person I am with some of those moves!  And I am going to continue those sit-ups...they are awesome.  And most impressive the accomplishments you have reached...you are great to watch go thru the moves the way they should be done!

It was lots of fun and I appreciate your time and efforts in teaching me the beginnings of kickboxing!

Best Regards,


To Calasanz

"I would like to thank you for sending your videos and workout book. Reading your book has changed my image and my lifestyle. My flexibility and my karate has improved. I can do splits on the floor, on chairs, and even on walls like Spiderman. Some of my friends have asked me to train them so they can get into shape, but I told them that it is a secret formula that I can't reveal. Thanks again!"


Dear Gerry: I'm delighted that my work has inspired you. I hope you share your knowledge and enthusiasm with others.

To the Publisher

“I have had the benefit of two classes (with Calasanz) and can literally testify that I already feel a marked difference. In my case, it is not yet an increase of strength, my muscles are still too sore to tell. But my background includes training in classical voice and I thought that I knew a fair amount about proper breathing. Well, I don’t know what he (Calasanz) does, but I feel a connection to my solar plexus that I was never aware of before.”

“There is something intensely physical as well as spiritual going on (at Calasanz’s) that transcends either by using them simultaneously. I knew when I interviewed you and Calasanz that there was something extraordinary happening, but I now see that it will take time and a deepening acquaintance with his philosophy and techniques to properly verbalize the many layered effect of this system.”

“It was a pleasure indeed to meet you and Calasanz, it was more than a pleasure, it was life altering.”

Regina McIlvain

Dear Regina: Thank you for your kind letter ... and sharing your early discoveries with our readers.

To the Editor

“Best wishes on launching your new Calasanz Martial Arts & Fitness NewsMagazine. After so many years of knowing and learning from Calasanz at his Norwalk dojo, I’m delighted that people throughout the world may now be inspired and share in the knowledge ... via the worldwide web!

Dennis Grimaldi

Thanks Dennis!