Posted: Spring 2001

Welcome to our new Martial Arts & Fitness NewsMagazine! With the aid of today’s technology, martial artists from all around the world are sharing information and introducing each other to new ideas based on ancient wisdom. It is through this technology that we wish to welcome you to The Calasanz System. Our goal is to provide you with a forum to learn about the martial arts through a man who has spent most of his life dedicated to teaching and perfecting his unique system of martial arts training.

In the months to come, we have a lot of exciting plans for our website. Regular departments include our Features section, which will help you learn more about The Calasanz System and the training philosophy behind the method. Features will also showcase articles from contributing editors and experts who will update you on the latest martial arts, health & fitness, and physical and metaphysical wellness topics. Our Health and Fitness Columns will present articles in the areas of nutrition, health, fitness and wellness and in our Letters From section, we invite readers to share their questions and comments. New Products and Services in our Gift Shop will introduce you to the latest Calasanz has to offer to enhance your personal martial arts training experience. We will also be reviewing martial arts literature in the Book Review section of our Interactive Newsmagazine and invite your suggestions. In the months to come, Calasanz will also open the interactive doors to our dojo by offering The Calasanz System within a virtual dojo in cyberspace. Members will be entitled to monthly instruction in The Calasanz System and access to our resident black belts via e-mail, who will answer any training or martial arts and fitness related questions.

We welcome contributing editors to share their expertise or experiences in the areas of health, fitness and the martial arts. Simply email me with your thoughts and proposals by clicking onto our Contact icon. I look forward to hearing from you !

Welcome to our martial arts forum and The Calasanz System.


Tony Esposito

Editorial Director
Grace A. Luppino

Art & Production Director
David Griffith

Technical Advisor.
Anup Keswani

Illustration & Photography
Tom Brenner
Jim Herity
Julie Nightingale