The Benefits of Martial Arts Training:
A Health Practitioner's Perspective

Since my teenage years, I always wanted to experience martial arts. Even though I got busy with education and life responsibilities, I've been continually intrigued with the discipline of martial arts and Eastern philosophy.

Finally, last year, I made the commitment! For several years, I heard wonderful things about Calasanz and his method of martial arts training. I talked with Calasanz himself, who has 20 years experience and listened to his philosophy of how he trained students. Since I am a Chiropractor, I made it clear to him that I could not risk injuring my hands since my career depends on them. Calasanz assured me that he would personalize the program according to my needs. It was this personalization and watching students train that convinced me to start training at his dojo.

The Calasanz System has many benefits for both our physical and personal well being. As a health care practitioner, I would like to share how martial arts has impacted my life.

As we all know, exercise and motion are essential to our physical, emotional and spiritual well being. With martial arts training, we move and stretch muscles and ligaments. Exercise also brings oxygen to all the cells of our body and brain. This results in improved mental clarity, more energy and more flexibility.

Martial arts, and the Calasanz System in particular, gives us discipline and focus. At first, some of the moves for punching and kicking seem foreign and almost awkward. But with time, patience and repetition, we learn to master the many essential movements needed to be a martial artist.

Martial arts training improves coordination, balance and strength. Exercising on a regular basis also helps our organs function better and makes our breathing more efficient. The Calasanz martial arts workout which includes stretching and strengthening exercises, can be both an aerobic and anaerobic workout. Calasanz even has a book that he wrote called Creating The Body You Want, which demonstrates and illustrates all of his particular stretches and exercises. Calasanz's training program helps to tone and strengthen muscles as well as keep them stretched and pliable.

I have been training at Calasanz's now for several months. I have made the commitment to myself and my health to workout at least twice per week. It takes both discipline and focus to make a commitment to yourself and your health and also to learn and master the martial arts system. Participating in Calasanz's unique training system has helped me to achieve my health goals of toning up, improving my strength and flexibility, and getting an aerobic workout.

From personal experience, I would highly recommend martial arts training at Calasanz's facility. The atmosphere is relaxed and yet focused. The training exercises themselves are an excellent workout and I was particularly happy with the personalized attention that the students receive.

I am excited to be a part of the Calasanz team and contributing information to this website. I welcome any questions you may have about how to improve your health and fitness levels. If you have any questions, or suggestions for future articles, please let me know. I wish all of you peace and enjoyment on your path to optimal health, wellness and fitness.

Editor's Note
We at Calasanz welcome Dr. Jeanne Castellucci as the health and wellness writer for our newsmagazine. Her regular column will feature articles of interest to all on the path to improved fitness of the mind, body and martial artist in training. She has been in family practice for over a decade and specializes in sports injuries, extremities and headaches. Her unique and personalized approach to health and wellness has resulted in countless testimonials from patients who have recovered beyond their greatest hopes from headaches, asthma, TMJ, sports injuries and other pain syndromes. Dr. Castellucci believes that the more the public understands the benefit of maintaining a healthy spine through chiropractic care, the more people will utilize this wonderful healing art. Her office is located at 71 East Avenue in Norwalk, Connecticut and she can be reached at 203-855-0107.