Making Fitness Part of Your Life

Pick up a newspaper or turn on the local news on any given day and you are liable to hear a report on how Americans are getting fatter. Government statistics tell us that approximately 60 percent of Americans - 127 million people - are overweight. Many women who enroll in my school tell me that one of their primary goals is to lose weight. Unfortunately, some expect instant results. If they don't see immediate weight loss, they become discouraged and inpatient. Some even drop out altogether.

In my 20 plus years of training men, women and children of all shapes and sizes, I have learned that diets just don't work. If they did, we wouldn't have an obesity epidemic. The diet industry continually makes promises that they can't deliver and is fleecing the public at the tune of $40 billion dollars a year. The diet industry doesn't want to tell you the truth. And why should they with the kind of money they're making out of people's misery? The truth is that weight loss is difficult for many people to achieve. Weight loss is a personal struggle, complicated by an individual's upbringing, eating habits, metabolism, genetics and psychology. Yo-yo dieting and subjecting the body to strange eating regimes is much more detrimental to one's physical and mental health than maintaining a steady weight.

I'm not here to sell you the same bill of goods as the diet industry. What I will do is encourage you to develop a healthy lifestyle and feel better about yourself.

When you come to train, come with the attitude that you want to move, breathe and stretch. What is important is that you focus on wellness. According to Steven Blair, director of research at the Cooper Institute for Aerobics Research in Dallas, Texas, "there is a misdirected obsession with weight and weight loss. The focus is all wrong. It's fitness that is the key."

You will notice that with my system, you will start having more strength, more endurance and more flexibility. If you want to lose weight, it will take patience, exercise, sensible diet changes and sacrifice. There is no way around it. Focus on fitness ... moving, breathing, stretching, feeling strong and enjoying the martial arts.

People lose weight and keep it off by seriously committing to sound nutritional programs and physical fitness regimens. It requires a psychological and physical adjustment to one's lifestlyle.