Karate means empty hand. Actually, the correct term is karate-do, which means way of the empty hand. This suggests that an accomplished master of Karate holds no weapon, requires no weapon - because his or her body is all that is needed for self-defense. It’s a fantastic concept; and for those who master Karate, it’s a fantastic reality!

To know Karate is to understand yourself ... to hold, rule and dominate your knowledge. When you feel that you understand yourself, you are ready to journey into the world of martial arts. It is a world of physical and mental discipline, development and enlightenment.

The integration of mind, body and spirit does not come with throwing yourself into grueling training sessions, but develops over time as the student patiently makes his or her way through a chosen martial art. As a student progresses in his martial arts studies, the movements become more complex. This requires one to reach deep inside himself in order to master a new level. Each level requires more patience and more inner strength to reach the next goal. When the student develops a greater martial arts maturity - instead of seeing a kick or a punch, he now sees a way of life. The student also becomes more patient in his work and home environment ... more self-confident ... and develops the perseverance to achieve higher goals in life.

So whether you’re seeking to expand your warrior skills, your health, your fitness, your ability to defend yourself, your self confidence - or you’re simply hoping to explore the many dimensions of your own being, we welcome you to the shared journey. As the ancient Chinese sages tell us, the journey of a 1000 miles begins with a single step.