Nicole: A Young Girl's Perspective

I started karate because I wanted to get stronger than I already am. It helps me get better at gymnastics because I weight lift and that gets me stronger. Karate is good to know because if somebody bad attacks, you know how to fight.

I've been taking karate for 8 months. Right now, I take karate two days a week.

Getting a yellow belt with one black stripe was exciting. To get a yellow belt, you have to round kick a wooden board and break it. The board is very hard to break. To get a stripe, you have to work very hard in class. You have to get 3 stripes before you can go to the next level, which is green belt. Don't worry. It's pretty complicated, but try to understand that the belts are not important ... the work is.

Calasanz is the name of my karate teacher. He is a kickboxing and a kung fu teacher. Calasanz is from the Dominican Republic and he speaks English. Calasanz has been fighting for over 20 years. Calasanz is a wonderful man. Calasanz is a great karate teacher.

You should think about karate. It is hard work, but lots of fun!

Editor's Note: Nicole is 8 years old and is also an aspiring writer. This is her essay on her karate training. Calasanz says: "When Nicole first came to class she was a little scared of the training but she adjusted quickly. She has gained a keen understanding of the martial arts, both physically and philosophically. I am surprised that someone her age can appreciate the deeper meaning of the art."