Editor's Note: The women profiled in this section represent the diversity of opportunities available to women at the Calasanz dojo. What is unique about this place is the desire of its founder to bring a personal excitement to the field of martial arts and fitness. Calasanz encourages each of his students to pursue areas of training that personally inspire them and in doing so, he tailors a unique program to suit their needs. The one common denominator among these women is that each praised Calasanz ability to encourage them, create a supportive environment and take them to the next level.

Beth: On Staying Fit & Trim

A working woman and mother of 6, Beth maintains a strong, graceful and physically fit physique. This is not just our opinion, but also that of her doctor. "After my last physical, all my test results were perfect," says a proud Beth. The doctors told her "just keep doing whatever it is you're doing!" What Beth is doing is training at Calasanz a minimum of 3 times per week and has been for the past five and a half years.

"I wanted to try kickboxing, but there weren't many places in the area that catered to women. I tried one martial arts school, but quit because I was worried about getting hurt," she says. "I felt that there was really no instruction at all."

Eventually, Beth found Calasanz. She had heard of his reputation and decided to try his school. Beth now performs a workout regime that would leave any 20 year old in the dust. "Watching Beth train makes me proud to be an instructor," says Calasanz. "The intensity of her training inspires me to start working out along with her."

In addition to being one of our most dedicated students, Beth is also a top-notch cook. She is often kind enough to bring her latest baked goods to the office for sampling. Without changing her eating habits, Beth went from a size 8 to a size 4. "I am still able to indulge myself with a hot fudge sundae; and when I cook, it's real ingredients, not low fat this or no fat that." "What's amazing," she adds, "is that I didn't really realize what was happening to my body until I started getting all these compliments!" "One of Calasanz' trademarks," says Beth, "is that he's always tailoring your training program so that you are actually doing exercises that will improve your appearance. My body amazingly toned up and re-proportioned itself."

Beth started exercising in her mid-20's, trying everything from aerobics, nautilus, aquasize, bicycling and roller blading. "What I've learned at this school is far beyond what these other forms of exercise had to offer," says Beth. When asked what she likes best about Calasanz, she had many reasons why she has maintained her membership for over 5 years. "I like the fact that the Calasanz System has made me so strong and so agile. Another huge plus is that you are learning self defense while you are becoming physically fit. I am more aware of my surroundings, and my confidence level has increased tremendously" she says. Another reason she prefers this school is that she likes variety. "There is never an opportunity to get bored."

The foundation of Beth's workout regime consists of many of the exercises found in Calasanz' book Creating The Body You Want. In addition to those exercises, Calasanz is always showing Beth new ones to enhance her workout. "It never ceases to amaze me how Calasanz still after all these years can come up with new exercises," says Beth. She is also grateful for the amount of supervision and guidance from Calasanz that ensures that you are performing the movements correctly.

Beth has found a home here at Calasanz. "I'd never go back to a traditional gym or health club because I feel they're just a big waste of time," she adds as she adjusts her hand weights. "Gyms are like singles bars ... here it's like family."

"I like the fact that the Calasanz System has made me so strong and so agile. Another huge plus is that you are learning self defense while you are becoming physically fit."

In addition to the conditioning exercises, Beth also does a lot of kicking on the freestanding bag, punching on the speed bag and jumps rope for a good cardio workout. Her martial arts workout includes practicing her katas and training on the wooden dummy.