More than fifty percent of Calasanz’s students are women. Some comments that I heard at random the day I visited the dojo reflected personal experiences. “I have so much more confidence than before,” said one. “I had tried a kickboxing gym before, but the unbalanced macho attitude was repellent,” said another. “Here, you see really strong guys come in with little control. After a short while, they are breathing deeply and just look happier.” One such man overheard our conversation and said that he had tried this dojo with skepticism, but that within one month of training with Calasanz, he had improved his strength by at least fifteen percent.

Calasanz is a wonderful place to introduce children to the mental and physical disciplines of training in the martial arts. Traditionally, Karate and Kung Fu excluded women. Although nowadays, both attract female adherents. Calasanz developed his system for all ages and genders from the beginning. For months before sparring with one another, children learn patience, diligence and practice safe, strength building exercises. Padded shields and shin guards further help to ensure safety and keep focus on the positive side of developing all aspects of personal and spiritual growth.

Classes for individuals and groups accommodate all schedules and preferences. Reserve an early appointment to begin to take charge of your destiny.

From “Profiles in Health and Wellness" The Stamford Advocate and Greenwich Times February 6, 2001.