The other thing Calasanz offers is a true-life practice. I believe very much in having a "practice," that is, something which demands more of me than I think I am capable of. And each time I go to the Dojo, I face the battle within myself; the nagging thoughts come up like a brick wall, "I’m too old, I’m too skinny, I will never be as good as that black belt over there, etc…" And in the midst of these thoughts, I get myself down onto the mat and begin to warm up. I know that the only way out of the internal self-criticisms of my ego is to continue showing up and doing what needs to be done – not to talk about it, not to think about it, but to simply do it. I know this is healthy for my body, my mind, and my spirit.

I have also appreciated the community of people who attend the Dojo. I have met so many humble and kind people there. People like Grace and Tony and so many of the students who have offered their encouragement and support. When a process is as demanding as the martial arts, it is nice to be surrounded by a warm and safe environment to do the work in. I know that when so many great people are attracted to studying with Calasanz, and so many stay with him for years as his students, it is a testament to the big heart of this wonderful teacher.

I know I’ve talked your ears off, but I want to say one last thing.

Being a student at the Calasanz Dojo is thrilling. It is thrilling to be trained in a kata and experience the moment when, after working on it over and over and over, the punches, blocks and kicks begin to find their own place in my body. It is thrilling to be corrected by Calasanz as he shows me the proper way to get grounded in a stance. It is thrilling to see more advanced students working on things that seem way beyond my reach but which I too can strive to learn. It is thrilling to work up a sweat, to get out of breath, to feel my body doing movements it has never done before – it is thrilling to feel fully alive!

Larry Silverberg is the author of the internationally acclaimed four volume series, "The Sanford Meisner Approach: An Actors Workbook," the two volume series, "The Actors Guide to Qualified Acting Coaches," and "Loving To Audition." Larry is a graduate of the Neighborhood Playhouse School of Theatre where he studied with legendary acting teacher, Sanford Meisner.

Since then, Larry has worked professionally as an actor and director across the United States and in Canada. Most recently, he received the Seattle Critic’s Association "Stellar Acting Award" for his portrayal of "Teach" in the Belltown Theatre Center production of "American Buffalo." Larry also teaches the Meisner approach in his professional actors training program which he offers in New York City.

Larry can be contacted through his web site address,