It’s More Than Physical

Both physically and intellectually stimulating, the Calasanz System will challenge Dolly for many years to come. Beyond the toning and aerobic enhancing exercises, the dance-like karate and kung fu forms allow her to continuously learn something new and express herself in a beautiful and graceful way. And these movements offer practical, self defense techniques that have bolstered her confidence on the streets.

“Some women avoid the martial arts because they think it’s too brutal,” says Dolly. Calasanz’s however, enjoys a 50% female student membership because women love the exercises and get to experience the thrill of martial arts training, maybe for the first time in their lives. Sparring is optional, but safe and fun for those who partake.

Faithful to her training, Dolly got what she wanted ... shedding her muscular physique in exchange for a strong, sleek, feminine look. “This is a great alternative to the health club scene,” adds Dolly. “At Calasanz, we develop mind, body and spirit!”