The Calasanz Martial Arts & Fitness System coordinates movements of the body while enlightening the mind and spirit. It is a refinement of primary Martial Arts disciplines; yielding powerful, efficient training techniques to enhance physical fitness.

Creating the Body You Want

“It was never my intention to bulk up,” says Dolly Williams. “My goal in joining a health club was to get fit while doing something challenging.” Unfortunately, Dolly unknowingly embarked on a training regime that rendered her physique too muscular to her liking.

Dolly then discovered Calasanz, who helped her develop a lithe, firm and elegant figure. “I immediately revised her workout,” explains Calasanz, “concentrating on body sculpting exercises incorporated in my martial arts and fitness program.” It begins with stretching with light weights and aerobic conditioning routines, followed by gradual immersion in classic martial arts movements. Dolly began training in the Calasanz System ... two, 1-hr sessions per week ... and saw results within a month. “My muscles began to elongate, my posture became more upright and balanced, and I gained speed and flexibility. In 6 months, I saw a new me in the mirror!”