A Family of Athletes Work-out & Learn Together

Dennis Grimaldi, owner of Westport Glass and an accomplished martial artist, has studied with Calasanz for over 10 years. He also realized that his children, Christine, Ryan and Neil, would benefit from Martial Arts study and Calasanz’s unique ability to motivate, exercise and inspire young people.

“All three kids began training with Calasanz to improve their athletic skills and performance in volleyball, softball and hockey. Today, they’ve developed the extra strength, flexibility, agility and speed to get a competitive edge in high school and college sports!”

Dennis adds, “Calasanz teaches coordinated movements first, thereby helping the tentative child learn and gain confidence more quickly. And he tailors a program for each child ... for instance, my daughters learned how to maintain grace and femininity, while still honing the body to achieve superb fitness and great athletic skill.”

“What I love the most in watching Calasanz work with my kids, and other peoples kids, is that it doesn’t just prepare them for sports, it prepares them for life!” says Dennis Grimaldi with a smile.