The Calasanz Martial Arts & Fitness System coordinates movements of the body while enlightening the mind and spirit. It is a refinement of primary Martial Arts disciplines; yielding powerful, efficient training techniques to enhance physical fitness and athletic performance rapidly. It also inspires a sense of loyalty, honor, integrity and a realization that you can achieve goals beyond your dreams, if you’re willing to apply yourself.

Inspiring Fitness & Social Values for Young People

John, age 12, wanted to kickbox. His parents knew that to fulfill this dream, their son needed a coach who could teach him the right technical skills and instill a high level of motivation. They heard of extraordinary athletic transformations happening daily at the Calasanz Martial Arts & Fitness Center and decided to check it out. His father, John Sr., comments, “I was very impressed with Calasanz’s training methods and philosophy of teaching kids how to be the very best they can be - as athletes and as members of the community. And in the first six months, my son has overcome his shyness and gained greater strength, agility and self-confidence.”

Mary of New Canaan, enrolled her daughter Laura, age 9, because they loved “the diversity of physical training and the spirit of the place. This phenomenal space is like a karate dojo, state-of-the-art sports center and Zen Temple rolled into one - with a media room, tea and nectar cafe, and bookstore to boot!” Young Laura adds, “I’m learning lots of cool martial arts moves and meeting lots of new friends. It’s really fun!”