From the Editor's Desk:
Single Blow and Street Survivor: Martial Art Courses for the Real World

Posted: Autumn 2004

Most martial artists will tell you that your chances of surviving abduction once an attacker gets you into his car are slim to none. Their advice is to fight for your life because statistics show that the consequences are grim. [more]

From the Editor's Desk:
Honoring Yourself: Women and Self Defense

Posted: Summer 2002

Since September 11, the word "terrorism" has permeated the English language. Turn on the television or radio, pick up a newspaper, book or magazine, eavesdrop on a conversation and we're talking terrorism. [more]

From the Editor's Desk:
Developing Body, Mind and Spirit with Calasanz Physical Arts

Posted: Spring 2002

We've all had the experience of looking in the mirror and resolving to do something to improve our bodies. The quest for physical self-improvement may take many paths, but the one most traveled by the majority is the traditional health club membership. [more]

From the Editor's Desk:
Fight With Courage

Posted: Late Autumn 2001

For many years, we Americans have been fortunate enough to enjoy a sense of peace and prosperity on our soil. As a society, we have the opportunity to enjoy the freedom to travel within our country and abroad. [more]

From the Editor's Desk:
Back to School Means Back to the Dojo for Many Kids

Posted: Autumn 2001

Whether it’s a return to class after family vacation or little league season or the beginning of an exciting, new after-school activity, martial arts lessons are great for kids. Here’s why: [more]

From the Editor's Desk

Posted: Spring 2001

Welcome to our new Martial Arts & Fitness NewsMagazine! With the aid of today’s technology, martial artists from all around the world are sharing information and introducing each other to new ideas based on ancient wisdom. It is through this technology that we wish to welcome you to The Calasanz System. [more]

The New Calasanz Website Dedicated To Physical & Intellectual Development & Wellness

Posted: Autumn 2000

Welcome to the new Calasanz Martial Arts & Fitness Website and News Magazine!

Inspired by the phenomenal achievements in developing physical and inner strength, fortitude, balance and grace by the spectrum of men, women and children who have trained in Calasanz’s dojo (perhaps the largest and most fully equipped martial arts center in the country), we now reach out internationally through the worldwide web. [more]