Beauty, Balance & Power Dance

Wing Chun is the Kung Fu form taught in the Calasanz System. This is a fighting form that has an intriguing and illustrious history. Two hundred eighty years ago, China was ruled by the repressive Manchus, who outlawed all weapons and forbade the Hans (comprising 90% of the population) to practice any form of self-defense. The Hans began to train a secret army of revolutionaries. The Sil Lim Temple became the sanctuary where masters of many ancient Martial Arts systems deliberated on how to create a single style that would be deadly enough to serve their revolutionary purpose, but which could be taught faster than the traditional form that took 20 years to master. Five of China's greatest grandmasters jointly created a new system, but before they could teach it to their secret army, the Manchus burned the temple and put the Masters to death.

Preserving the Secrets

Ng Mui, a nun, was the only survivor of the original Grandmasters group. In secret, and in great danger, she taught the system to a talented young orphan girl whom she named Wing Chun, which means "hope for the future." The lineage and secrets of this extraordinary system were closely guarded for two and a half centuries. The Wing Chun system equalizes the height and weight advantage that men have over women because it brings combat in closer to the opponent's body, where the length of arms and legs no longer determine advantage.