Beauty, Balance & Power Dance

Calasanz’s students enjoy the rigorous training that Goju Ryu offers. Grace, who has been studying Goju Ryu with Calasanz since the mid-1980’s is a Goju Ryu enthusiast and conducts two Goju Ryu classes per week at the school. “We place great emphasis on developing good, solid basic techniques.” says Grace. “Very often, we inherit students from other systems who learned hundreds of combinations, but are unable to execute a strong horse stance or throw a decent punch. What we do is drill the basics and then introduce our students to the bunkai or the practical application of the movements in the Goju Ryu katas.” says Grace.

Calasanz’s students enjoy competing in kata and point fighting. Point fighting is a non-contact sparring match where the competitor's goal is to score points as opposed to a knockdown. Don’t let the name fool you. Point fighting is challenging and requires immense skill. Traditional martial art weapons, such as the staff, nunchaku, and sai are also taught at Calasanz’s schools. Basic weapon movements as well as katas and their practical applications are emphasized. Weapons training is generally reserved for students who are proficient in empty hand movements, as the weapon is viewed as an extension of the hand.