Beauty, Balance & Power Dance
Aerobic Self Defense

Welcome to BB&P, a new program of Calasanz Physical Arts. Not only do these letters stand for Balance, Beauty & Power, they also describe the results you can achieve in Calasanz’s new program combining dance and martial arts.

Calasanz has always been a great advocate of utilizing elements of the dancer’s workout to improve martial arts performance. He initially started offering classes in Calasanz Aerobic Isolation and Isometrics, where he incorporated the dance skills he learned as a student of ballet, tap and jazz. He attributes his experience in dance as essential in balancing the traditional hard style karate he studied in his youth. He believes dance is essential in creating a well balanced martial artist.

Our new program includes:

  • Social Dance: Latin, Ballroom, Hip Hop, Freestyle & Club for beginners thru experienced dancers.

  • Dancesport, Ballroom & Latin

  • Dance Workout

  • Salsa Aerobics

  • Cardio Boxing

  • Cardio Kickboxing

  • Flowing Forms: great for martial artists who want to improve kata performance.

Classes are fun and designed to enhance your overall fitness level, as well as your skills! If you are a dancer, martial artist or someone looking for a fitness challenge, Calasanz BB&P will improve: Cardio, Strength, Flexibility, Rhythm, Speed and Coordination.

Instructors: Stephanie Daniela Frey & Fiodar Zhukov

Stephanie Daniela Frey is an experienced dancer, athlete and martial artist. Born in Stuttgart, Germany, Stephanie attended a high school specializing in the training and education of athletes. She herself participated in numerous sports as well as the art of judo and fencing. She began her dancing career studying and competing in International Latin throughout Europe at age 12 and has later studied ballet, jazz, funk-jazz and hip hop at the New York Dance School in Stuttgart as well as Broadway Dance Center, Steps on Broadway and Dance New Amsterdam in New York City. Stephanie moved to the United States three years ago to pursue her career as a professional dancer, instructor and competitor. She competes with her students in the US. With her professional partner Fiodor she competes professionally in International Latin. She loves to teach and inspires her students to experience the joy of dance and movement.

Fiodor Zhukov, a native of Belarus, began his ballet training at the age of 4. He studied International Latin & Ballroom Dancing and competed successfully throughout Europe. Fiodor has had extensive experience in the sport of wrestling, which he enjoyed during his years in school. He came to the USA 7 years ago to pursue a professional career as a dance instructor and competitor.  He currently teaches and competes with his students in Washington DC, Maryland and Connecticut. Fiodor also competes professionally in International Latin with his dance partner, Stephanie Daniela.

We also offer customized programs designed for men and women, as well as dancers and martial artists at all skill levels. Group and private lessons are available. (Private classes are subject to a 24 hour cancellation policy) Open practice is also available and is arranged through the main office.  Floor fee will apply.