Beauty, Balance & Power Dance

While The Calasanz System was officially born in the year 2001, it took many years of training, teaching and practical experiences to get to the point where I have created and sustained one of the largest, most successful martial arts clubs in the country. Consequently, I am always in the process of protecting my system through federal trademark, copyright and patent law.

Since 1979, I have trained many students and promoted many black belts that have moved on. This does not mean however, that they are authorized to teach my system. The purpose of this notice is to warn consumers of martial arts services that there may be individuals in the community claiming to have advanced rank in my system as well as the authority to teach it. Advanced rank or having trained in my system is not enough to promote someone to the level of instructor. To be authorized to teach The Calasanz System, a student must also possess character, integrity and the ability to pass on the system it took me so many years to protect. They also must have taught under my supervision.

In the interest of protecting the public, we have decided to list the names of those authorized to teach The Calasanz System. Persons who claim to teach my system and are not on this list are a fraud. Our website is constantly being updated, so please check frequently. You are always welcomed to email or call us to verify teaching credentials.

Calasanz System Authorized Instructors:

Tom Agosto (Boxing)

Elisabeth Arthur

Mario Conttacessi

Stephanie Daniela Frey

Dennis Grimaldi

Amy Lesch

Charles Mastellone

Kevin McAntire

Roger Meyers

Alexander "Sasha" Nechaev

Marcus Oladell

Cliff Pratt

Jeff Prescott

Jorge Rodas

Sokha Roos

Chris Schrade

Shannon Schroeder

Michael Terry

Chris Toby

Peter Valis