Beauty, Balance & Power Dance

Chinese Boxing is rooted in an ancient tradition born out of the instinct to survive in the midst of military conflict. With its origins in the famed Shaolin Temple, Chinese Boxing has endured for thousands of years and is not only the foundation for Chinese kung fu, but most martial arts that developed in the Eastern part of the world. These classical kung fu movements are part of The Calasanz System for the purpose of improving grounding and balancing skills. Chinese Boxing may be practiced as a pattern of various movements simulating a real fight for the student to achieve an aerobic workout. It may also be practiced as a fighting method.

Peter, who started training with Calasanz as a teenager, is one of his most accomplished fighters. The reason for Peter’s success is his proficiency in Chinese Boxing. “The grounding and power that is generated from my Chinese Boxing training is tremendous,” says Peter. “The Chinese Boxing workout is a complete form of self defense and an effective way to train the entire body.” Peter should know. As a 14 year old, Peter knocked out a grown man in a kickboxing competition. He attributes his success to Calasanz’s teaching method and his direction in applying Chinese Boxing techniques to the contemporary fighting arena.