Beauty, Balance & Power Dance

The principles of kicking and punching in a competitive style are taught to get the student accustomed to facing off with an opponent. American Kickboxing used to be practiced by kicking above the waist and punching to the head. In the last 5 to 10 years, it has evolved into a more complex exchange where low kicks, and knee and elbow strikes are also incorporated. Calasanz requires students to undergo hours of drills and combinations before they progress to free form fighting. American Kickboxing as it is taught at Calasanz should not be confused with fitness or cardio kickboxing, as it has become known in the fitness industry. Techniques are always taught with self-defense applications in mind and a concentration on developing good form.

Dolly, one of Calasanz’s most loyal students has been diligently training in the American Kickboxing system for years. She discovered Calasanz after leaving her health club. She was looking for an exercise regime that would keep her physically fit as well as present her with a challenge. “Some women avoid the martial arts because they think they are too brutal,” says Dolly. Calasanz’s however, enjoys a 50% students enrollment because women love the exercises and get to experience the thrill of martial arts training, maybe for the first time in their lives.