Beauty, Balance & Power Dance

Whenever traditional martial artists are pitted against boxers, the boxers almost always emerge victorious. No one can doubt the destructive power of a boxer’s punches. The Calasanz System includes a study of the boxer’s arsenal-jab, cross, upper cut, hook and combinations. Footwork, shadow boxing, use of focus mitts, heavy, speed and double end bags and rope skipping is also taught and integrated into the student’s repertoire.

Jim, age 50, is a boxing enthusiast who trains at Calasanz. “I was amazed at what I was able to accomplish and the degree of physical training that I could enjoy, as a result of Calasanz’s careful instruction.” Jim was first taught the basic movements of the sweet science of boxing and since then, has enjoyed sparring in the ring. “It’s a great workout and I would recommend it to anyone of any age.” Boxing at Calasanz is not only for the men. Women enjoy the sport too and are encouraged to participate. Laura, age 9, was brought to the school by her mother because she wanted to box. Laura’s mom, Mary comments, “I like the emphasis that Calasanz places on safety and developing good basics; and my daughter just loves it.”