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All students who train with Calasanz learn his method of Aerobic Isolation and Isometrics. This involves the use of weight resistance in conjunction with deep breathing, chi enhancing exercises and slow, deliberate extension of the muscles. The joints, tendons and muscles are trained in a manner that avoids injury and yields amazing results in a short period of time. Calasanz trademark techniques are among the most popular exercises at his dojo and are a great alternative to fitness club training.

Beth has been training in the Calasanz System for over 4 years. Prior to training with Calasanz, Beth tried step aerobics, nautilus, aquasize and jazz. “Nothing has worked for me like Calasanz’s Aerobic Isolation and Isometric exercises-I even lost 4 dress sizes without dieting!” Beth is devoted to the exercises and finds that they help tone her body and give her the aerobic endurance that she needs to live a busy life. “I am totally devoted to this exercise regime for the simple fact that it works!”

Self Isolation & Isometrics
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